Frederick Matthias Alexander

Frederick Matthias Alexander

Frederick Matthias Alexander was a man far ahead of his time and his discoveries are still revolutionary today, 50 years after he died.

In the 1890s, a successful Australian actor realised that his career prospects were threatened by recurring hoarseness. The young man, Frederick Matthias Alexander, visited specialists, but doctors were unable to diagnose a medical cause for his loss of voice.

Through a painstaking process of self observation and experimentation, he found that when he spoke, and especially when he performed, he habitually used not just his voice, but his whole self in ways that led to extreme tension. Alexander gradually discovered how to consciously inhibit these unconstructive patterns and to direct for a new, better use of himself.

As a result, not only did Alexander’s vocal and breathing problems disappear, but his entire health and functioning improved. He began teaching others his method and in 1904 he came to London where he lived until his death in 1955.

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Joe had his first lessons in the Alexander Technique in 1983. After some years of lessons he decided to train as a teacher of the Technique and in 1995 he completed a three-year, full-time training with Walter and Dilys Carrington. Walter had trained with Alexander in the 1930s and was then F.M.’s assistant until Alexander died in 1955. Walter then took on the training of new teachers and continued to do this until his own death in 2005. In 2017 and 2018 Joe trained with Alexander teacher Jessica Wolf to teach her method of “The Art of Breathing”. Please see the Art of Breathing section for more information on this transformational modality.

What is Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a process for change towards ever-increasing health and well-being. It requires you to be an active participant in the process and to learn and practise the skills you are taught. Because of this it is not for everyone – more than ever people are looking for a “quick fix” for their problems. The Alexander Technique is not a quick fix. However, if you want something that is deeply meaningful and has the potential to transform you as a human being then give it a try!   Copyright © 2019 Joe Searby All rights reserved